Styleguides: Hapi Vs. Airbnb

2016-12-04 | #coding-style #nodejs #rant

This post was inspired by my writing of another post which you can read [here]({{ site.baseurl }}{% post_url 2016-12-01-letter-casing-in-names-of-imported-nodejs-modules %}). On that one I talk about letter casing conventions in the names of imported NodeJS modules. Not the catchiest of titles but if it’s something that interests you, have a look. I’d been a strict adherer of the Airbnb javascript styleguide for more than a year. In the previous company I’d worked at, we needed a styleguide that made sense, was intuitive, and made reading our code easier.

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Letter Casing in Names of Imported NodeJS Modules

2016-12-01 | #coding-style #naming #nodejs

Disclaimer: This isn’t a tutorial, guide, or holy writ. This is just how I do things and I’d like to share why it makes sense to me. If it resonates with you, follow it. If it doesn’t, follow whatever makes sense to you and your team. Styleguides are something I take very seriously. To me a programmer who has great style and writes clean, readable code is worth a lot more than someone who’s just clever with algorithms.

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Working with SFML::Textures — The White Box Problem

2016-10-26 | #c++ #sfml

So I started using textures in my code, and it’s not been a fun time, mainly because I was missing some key understanding of how c++ keeps things in scope. Sadly I still don’t understand how what I did solve things, but I guess I’ll find out with more research. Anyway, I’ll document what I did so that anyone trying this out can see exactly what I did wrong. Or rather which steps were probably wrong and how I ended up making things work.

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First Foray into C++ with SFML

2016-10-23 | #c++ #sfml

Game-programming has always been one of my interests ever since I coded a simple game of Pong! back in college using Processing. But my first job ended up being in web-development and from then on that’s all I’ve been doing. It is easier to get a foot in through the door in web-development than it is in game-development (I don’t have a formal Computer Science education), and hence, two years into being a earning member of society, I’m still in web-development.

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